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[stm_icon_box icon=”stm-handshake” style=”icon_left” icon_size=”34″ title=”INTEGRITY”]A tradition of ethical and honest business conduct is the cornerstone of our business philosophy, and the foundation of our entire organization.[/stm_icon_box]
[stm_icon_box icon=”stm-eye” style=”icon_left” icon_size=”28″ title=”VISION”]We clearly identify our clients’ goals and visualize innovative solutions, using careful planning and proactive communication to achieve unparalleled results.[/stm_icon_box]
[stm_icon_box icon=”stm-builder-2″ style=”icon_left” icon_size=”39″ title=”WORKPLACE”]Our people is our success by delivering customer solutions. Therefore we strive continually to attract and retain talented professionals who share our values.[/stm_icon_box]
[stm_icon_box icon=”stm-shield” style=”icon_left” icon_size=”39″ title=”SAFETY”]We focus on consistently upholding the highest standards of safety.[/stm_icon_box]
[stm_icon_box icon=”stm-like” style=”icon_left” icon_size=”37″ title=”QUALITY”]We provide outstanding service through teamwork, experience, accountability and innovation – all of which is reflected in the quality of our results.[/stm_icon_box]
[stm_icon_box icon=”stm-innovation” style=”icon_left” icon_size=”37″ title=”INNOVATION”]We continually seek new and enterprising ways, whether technology- or process-based, to meet our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations.[/stm_icon_box]
[stm_icon_box icon=”stm-bargraph” style=”icon_left” icon_size=”40″ title=”CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT”]We cultivate an environment that supports and encourages ongoing learning, development and personal growth.[/stm_icon_box]
[stm_icon_box icon=”stm-checkmark_1″ style=”icon_left” icon_size=”42″ title=”OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE”]We provide the best value to our customers by continuously refining our processes and cost structure.[/stm_icon_box]